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Audiologist Test For Hearing Loss In Eden Prairie Residents

Hearing Loss, Ear Condition Exam For Eden Prairie Residents
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If you believe you may have hearing loss, hearing damage, Tinnitus or another hearing condition, Paparella Ear Head and Neck Institute is a top choice for Eden Prairie residents looking for a hearing test by a certified audiologist.

Our greater Twin Cities clinic network has certified audiologists providing hearing tests and examinations as well as board-certified physicians to diagnose and treat a variety of hearing disorders and conditions.

Eden Prairie Patients Provided Certified, Trained Audiologists

Providing hearing and other ear tests to Eden Prairie residents for evaluating hearing loss and identify any vestibular disorders is done by our trained and experienced audiologists.

They are certified to provide test the hearing and check the ears of children and adults. Our audiologists also evaluate and monitor performance of cochlear implants and all types of hearing aids, as well as working with Eden Prairie patients to evaluate and select the best hearing aid.

Range Of Hearing Tests To Identify Hearing Loss In Eden Prairie Patients

Performing a range of hearing tests to determine what type of hearing loss, if any, exists is done by our audiologists. The hearing tests help isolate any level of hearing loss, what type it is and, possibly, what caused it.

Reviewing potential solutions with Eden Prairie patients, or directing them to a board-certified Paparella Clinic physician for a deeper diagnosis and treatment plan, is done by the audiologists.

Selecting, Fitting And Tuning Hearing Aids For Eden Prairie Patients

Working with Eden Prairie patients whose hearing test results in the recommendation of a hearing aid is another expertise of our audiologists. They help evaluate hearing aid options, provide one at a reasonable cost, fit the hearing aid and tune it during the first several weeks.

Eden Prairie Residents Seeking Hearing Tests Should Call Today

Eden Prairie residents looking for answers regarding any issue with their hearing or their ear should contact the Paparella Ear Head and Nick Clinic today at 612-339-2836.

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