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The goal of dietary treatment for Meniere’s disease and tinnitus is to provide stable body fluid and blood levels so that secondary fluctuations in the inner ear fluid can be avoided (American Hearing Research Foundation).

The dietary guidelines to help lessen and/or prevent symptoms include:

  1. Avoiding eating foods or fluids that are high in sodium. 
    High salt intake results in fluctuations in the inner ear fluid pressure and may increase your symptoms.  Aim for a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and avoid canned and processed foods.  Keep sodium intake consistent from day to day.

  2. Distributing your food and fluid intake evenly throughout the day and from day to day. 
    Eat approximately the same amount of food at each meal and do not skip meals.  If you eat snacks, have them at regular times each day.

  3. Drinking adequate amounts of fluids daily
    This should include water, milk and occasionally low-sugar fruit juices.

  4. Avoiding caffeine-containing fluids and foods. 
    Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate.  Caffeine has stimulant properties that may make your symptoms worse.  Caffeine can also make tinnitus louder.  Its diuretic properties also cause excessive urinary loss of body fluids.  Large amounts of caffeine and/or chocolate may trigger a migraine.

  5. Limiting your alcohol intake to one glass per day. 
    Alcohol may trigger migraine associated vertigo and can change the volume and composition of inner ears fluid.

  6. Avoiding foods containing MSG (monosodium glutamate). 
    This is often present in prepackaged foods and in Chinese food.  It may increase symptoms in some patients and contains sodium.


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