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Rhinoplasty Surgery Improves Breathing, Nose Appearance

Rhinoplasty is a type of nasal surgery designed to correct the external appearance of the nose, and/or improve breathing. The nose may be deformed due to heredity, trauma, or previous surgery. Essentially, this surgery involves removal of trimming of the bony hump, correction of deviated nasal bone, modification of the tip of the nose, and/or making the nasal passages more open. Often this procedure may be combined with a septoplasty, which is done either to drain grafts to reshape the nose or to correct internal deformities thereby improving ability to breath and improving sinus function.

This is usually an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. External and internal splints are used to protect the nose and are left in place for seven to ten days following surgery. Most incisions are made inside the nose, leaving no scars on the nose or face. Postoperatively, the patient has mild to moderate discomfort, which is treated with analgesics. Some nasal and facial swelling and occasional facial discoloration also may occur. These conditions resolve within a few days. Complications of postoperative infection or nasal bleeding are possible but extremely rare. Patients generally tolerate this procedure well and go home on the day of surgery.

Achieving a perfectly symmetrical nose is not always possible and revision surgeries may be required in rare cases. In some patients a small incision may be needed on the columella (the small part between nostrils).

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