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About Paparella

Paparella Ear, Head & Neck Institute was founded in 1984 to deliver specialized ear, nose and throat care for patients in the upper midwest. The clinic has continuously grown by adding physicians and specialized services.

Paparella Ear, Head & Neck Institute now offers a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic ENT care, frequently on a first visit. We offer balance rehabilitation, nasal and laryngeal video endoscopy, as well as hearing aid counseling and dispensing. Our clinic in Minneapolis is located on the campus of the MHealth, formerly Fairview University Medical Center (Riverside).

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing broad-based diagnosis, innovative medical management, and the best of services for patients who need medical, surgical, or audiological care. While our clinics specialize in ear problems (otology), neurotology, and surgery of the cranial base, we offer a full range of services for patients with problems of the ears, head, or neck (throat). Members of our healthcare team routinely work on federally funded research that will advance understanding of diseases of the ear, such as children’s earaches. We teach and support education through fellowship training for physicians who come from around the world to observe and learn from our research and clinical care. Using the latest medical knowledge and equipment, we provide practical solutions and thoughtful, caring advice. Each patient’s needs benefit from our continuing commitment to providing special care to people with specialized needs.

Medical care and surgery

Our approach is first to use conservative medical techniques in all diagnoses and treatments. If your medical problem does require surgery, our physicians have admitting and surgical privileges at MHealth (University of Minnesota Medical Center Fairview), Fairview Northland Medical Center, Fairview Southdale Hospital, North Memorial Medical Center, and Maple Grove Hospital. Our experienced staff can assist you in scheduling necessary treatment, surgery, filing insurance, and finding accommodations.

Referral to specialty centers and support groups

Our experience is based in broad knowledge of a variety of medical fields. Our staff is equipped to assist those who may need a referral to an additional specialist. We work with the hospitals’ Centers of Excellence to provide you with the most effective approach to your problems. Patients who suffer from vertigo, tinnitus, and other ongoing problems may wish to seek, through the nonprofit International Hearing Foundation, support groups that help patients and families overcome the daily frustrations of chronic problems.

Key affiliations

The Otopathology Laboratory at the University of Minnesota has made major contributions which have resulted in new ways of identifying and diagnosing disease, and in fact, discovering new diseases. Methods of treating these diseases including medical and surgical approaches have evolved from this important knowledge. Paparella Ear, Head & Neck Institute is proud of our affiliation with the Otopathology Laboratory.

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