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Now accepting 2019-2020 Fellowship Applications!

Paparella Ear, Head & Neck Institute also has opportunities to participate in research in the Otopathology Laboratory at the University of Minnesota and its related laboratories.

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Now accepting 2019-2020 Audiology Externship Applications!

Paparella Ear, Head & Neck Institute is dedicated to providing broad-based diagnosis, innovative medical management, and the best of services for patients who need medical, surgical, or audiological care. While our clinics specialize in ear problems (otology) and neurotology, we offer a full range of services for patients with problems of the ears, head, or neck (throat).

Audiology Externs work closely with our physicians and audiology team to learn how to deliver comprehensive quality care. Ideal Audiology Extern candidates have excellent communication skills, are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and have a strong desire to succeed. Experience includes multi-faceted diagnostics and treatment (audiology, electrophysiology/vestibular, cochlear implant programming/therapy and hearing aids).

Incoming Audiology Externs must have experience with case history, otoscopy, pure tone testing, word recognition score, speech recognition testing, and impedence testing. In addition, some experience in vestibular and balance field, including posturography, VNG testing, Dix-Hallpike, and Epley Maneuvers is recommended.

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