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International Hearing Foundation

Founded in 1984 by Dr. Michael Paparella, the International Hearing Foundation (IHF) aims to support hearing-related services, education and research. Headquartered in Minneapolis, IHF is an affiliate of the Minnesota Medical Foundation (MMF), an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is one of four foundations recognized by the University of Minnesota. MMF raises millions of dollars annually in support of the University of Minnesota Medical School, School of Public Health, Cancer Center, and related units in the University's Academic Health Center.

A global reach

The International Hearing Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for the hearing impaired around the world. Physicians from around the world travel to the IHF teaching laboratories in Minneapolis to study and do research under the direction of Dr. Paparella. At the teaching lab, electrophysiology and molecular biology help to illuminate surgical anatomy and clinical pathophysiology of the ear. In fact, the IHF lab contains one of the world's largest collections of temporal bone, which aids in the research of ear disease and hearing related problems.

IHF is dedicated to learning more about hearing problems, about cures, and to educate doctors around the world. IHF has sponsored teams of doctors that have traveled to Senegal, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Cuba. These teams have volunteered their time and services doing operations, treating patients in clinics, and teaching local doctors about modern day treatments for ear disease. In each of these trips IHF has donated much needed medical supplies. IHF also helped to create a Deaf School in Chile.

Advancing patient care

Through its national and worldwide programs, services and events, the International Hearing Foundation provides hope, friendship and courage to the millions suffering from hearing related problems and ear disease.

  • Meniere's Disease and Tinnitus Support Groups
  • Foreign Fellowships with research in Minnesota
  • Program to recycle hearing aids
  • National hearing-related research
  • International donations of medical supplies
  • Free Children's Deafness Clinic
  • Chilean School for the Deaf Project
  • International physician-exchange program

What can I do to help?

IHF exists solely through public contributions and we encourage you to share in the honor and privilege of donating to IHF so that we may continue to help others around the world.

Visit the International Hearing Foundation website

International Hearing Foundation Website

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